иностранный агент

PACE President calls on Russia to revise ‘foreign agents’ law


“I have learned with great concern that the Nizhny Novgorod District Court yesterday rejected the appeal by the Russian NGO Committee against Torture (Komitet Protiv Pytok) against the decision to list it as a ‘foreign agent’ under NGO legislation,” said Anne Brasseur, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). “As a result of this decision, it has been announced that this organisation may decide to dissolve.”

Bold Russian anti-nuke group waves off foreign agent law, refuses to pay mounting fines


Russia’s Ecodefense anti-nuclear group has again been fined for refusing to register as a “foreign agent” with the country’s Justice Ministry in a court hearing to which the group’s co-chair, Vladimir Slivyak, said the organization had not even been invited to attend.

Russia Declares Group A “Foreign Agent” After Its Director Spoke At Harvard


A recent spate of anti-American sentiment in Russia has seen a legal NGO labeled a “foreign agent” — a term heavily implying espionage — after one of its leaders gave lectures in the U.S.

The Russian Justice Ministry deemed Sutyazhnik, a civil litigation NGO, a “foreign agent” in May on the grounds that Anton Burkov, one of its directors, spoke at events at Harvard, the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and the University of Wisconsin last year. A court in Ekaterinburg, a city in the Ural mountains in central Russia, fined Sutyazhnik and a sister organization 300,000 rubles (about $5,300) each earlier this month for failing to register as a foreign agent.

Unlikely Targets in Cross Hairs as Russia Aims to Expose Foreign Influence


Dmitry Zimin, the telecommunications billionaire and benefactor of a foundation known as the Dynasty Fund, was not calling for revolution or election monitors. His efforts were elsewhere: awarding grants to young Russian researchers and financing high school science camps.

EPDE strongly protests against house searches at EPDE member organization Golos


On Tuesday morning, 7 July at 6.30 house searches have been conducted at the private flats of Grigori Melkonjanc, deputy director of the EPDE member organization GOLOS, Roman Udot, senior expert of the organization and Tatiana Troinova, director of the inter-regional foundation GOLOS. Documents and technical devices have been confiscated. Later the day the search has been continued at the office of GOLOS in Moscow city. The search was conducted by the Samara department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and officially stands in connection with the long-lasting prosecution of the southern Russian Samara branch of GOLOS.

Grigory Melkonyants has domiciliary visit in the case of GOLOS-Samara


Around 7 am today, July 7, Grigory Melkonyants was paid a domiciliary visit on Golos-Samara tax case. This was reported by Ramil Ahmetgaliev on his Facebook page. At the same time a search is being carried out at Tatiana Troynova's, the Executive Director of Interregional Public Foundation (IPF) GOLOS, and Roman Udot's.

Dispatches: Russian Citizens are Main Target of New Law on Foreign Groups


This past Friday, Russia’s lower house of parliament adopted in second reading an “undesirable organizations” bill. The third and final reading is practically a formality, and there is little doubt the bill will be soon passed into law. In recent months numerous journalists asked me, “So, this new draft law now in the works, is it about you? Do you think they want to use this to shut down Human Rights Watch in Russia?” My answer is no. To be sure, this bill is bad news for international groups like Human Rights Watch, but it’s not about us.

Желтая звезда для "иностранных агентов"


Депутаты Калининградской облдумы намерены законодательно запретить некоммерческим организациям, признанным "иностранными агентами", участвовать в муниципальных выборах. Соответствующий законопроект внесла в парламент областная избирательная комиссия.

«Новгородский Женский Парламент» добровольно записался в "иностранные агенты"


6 марта Министерством Юстиции РФ на основании заявления "Новгородского Женского Парламента", организация была включена в реестр "иностранных агентов". Об этом сообщается на официальном сайте ведомства.

Две НКО из Челябинска включены в список иностранных агентов


Две некоммерческие организации из Челябинской области пополнили список НКО, выполняющих функции иностранных агентов.

В сообщении пресс-службы министерства юстиции России говорится, что в реестр НКО-"иноагентов" включены Челябинский региональный благотворительный общественный фонд "За природу" и Челябинское региональное экологическое общественное движение "За природу".

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