The exhibition vandalism case closed


Moscow police closed the case of the pogrom on Vadim Sidur's exhibition at the Manezh in August 2015. It is reported that the case was closed on September 23, "due to the lack of evidence." Polina Yesipenko, a former suspect in the case, announced the decision on Monday on her Facebook page.

The mayhem at the exhibition "Sculptures that we do not see" at the Manezh was organized by the leader of the movement "God's will" Dmitry Tsorionov (Enteo) and several of his supporters, including Enteo's girlfriend Polina Yesipenko who is always involved in all the actions. The rioters damaged four of Sidur's lino cuts, saying these works offended the feelings of the faithful. Two of the works were damaged very seriously. According to the experts of the Center named after Grabar, they required a long-term restoration with the use of some individual techniques.

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