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Russia Bans Protest Movement Ahead of Rallies Planned for Saturday


This Wednesday, three days before the political movement “Open Russia” hopes to mobilize nationwide protests against the Kremlin, Russia’s Prosecutor General blacklisted the group as an “undesirable organization,” banning all its activities.

The reality in Russia’s fake news attacks on environmentalists


With the rise of Donald Trump, fake news hit the West with such surprising ferocity that it’s easy to forget how long Russia has been filling its own airwaves and newspapers with preposterous propaganda – and how easy the West has it by comparison.

Russian Justice Ministry Blacklists Prominent Anti-Racism Research Center


Russia’s Justice Ministry has added another prominent NGO to the federal government’s list of “foreign agents.” According to an official announcement on the ministry’s website, the SOVA Center, a think tank that conducts sociological research primarily on nationalism, xenophobia, and racism in Russia, is the latest organization to be blacklisted.

Правовой анализ новой редакции закона "О НКО"


С 1 января 2017 года  вступает в силу Федеральный закон N 287-ФЗ  «О внесении изменений в Федеральный закон «О некоммерческих организациях» в части установления статуса некоммерческой организации (НКО) — исполнителя общественно полезных услуг.

Memorial recognizes opposition politician and journalist from Naberezhnye Chelny Sergei Eretnov as a political prisoner


On 12 July 2016 Sergei Eretnov, a deputy of the 2nd convocation of the city council of Naberezhnye Chelny in the Republic of Tatarstan and founder-publisher of the newspaper Komitet Revizor, was sentenced to three years in a general regime prison colony and fined 200,000 roubles under Article 33, Section 5 and Article 171.2, Section 2, point ‘b’, of the Russian Criminal Code (aiding and abetting the illegal organization and conduct of gambling by an organized group).

Human rights organisation Man and the Law investigated under counter-terrorism law


Man and the Law is a regional human rights organisation based in Yoshkar-Ola in the Republic of Mari El. The organisation is involved in monitoring places of detention and in conducting investigations into human rights violations committed by government authorities, including law enforcement agencies. Man and the Law also provides legal and psychological assistance to victims of torture. Mr Sergey Poduzov is the Co-chairman of Man and the Law.

Chelyabinsk's "Conscript school" listed as a foreign agent


Two nonprofit organizations working in Chelyabinsk - 'Conscript School' and 'Legal Mission' ('Shkola Prizyvnika' and 'Pravovaya Missiya') - have been listed as foreign agents by the Ministry of Justice. This was reported by the Ministry's press service.

Arseny Roginsky: "No matter what the result of the inspection, the work of Memorial will be continued"


"Memorial has worked for about 30 years now, this is evidence that we are needed by many people in the country. I am confident that no matter what the result of the inspection, the work of Memorial will be continued."
- Arseny Roginsky, chair of the board of the International Memorial Society

Russia Bans More International Organizations


Russia further undermined its civil society last week  when the country’s prosecutor general ordered nongovernmental organizations International Republican Institute(IRI) and Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) can no longer work or have a presence in Russia.

Is It Hard Being a “Foreign Agent” in Russia?


How does an organization officially declared a “foreign agent” manage? Gorod 812 asked Viktor Voronkov, director of the Centre for Independent Social Research (CISR) in Petersburg, what it has been like.

Did you expect to be declared a foreign agent?

On the one hand, after Bolotnaya Square, it was no surprise. On the other hand, we have never believed what we do is political activity.

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