Grigory Melkonyants has domiciliary visit in the case of GOLOS-Samara


Around 7 am today, July 7, Grigory Melkonyants was paid a domiciliary visit on Golos-Samara tax case. This was reported by Ramil Ahmetgaliev on his Facebook page. At the same time a search is being carried out at Tatiana Troynova's, the Executive Director of Interregional Public Foundation (IPF) GOLOS, and Roman Udot's.

This Samara case falls under two grounds of amnesty, but it has not been stopped until now. Lawyer Olga Gnezdilova went to Grigory.

"Golos (voice) of the Volga region": The history of persecution Last year in Samara an unscheduled inspection of interregional fund for promotion civil society "Golos (voice) of the Volga region" was held. In late December, the head of the NGO Lyudmila Kuzmina was summoned to the prosecutor's office: the human rights activist was suspected of showing films that promoted "use of drugs and perversion." In mid-January she was given a protocol of the fine of 300 thousand rubles for failing to register as a "foreign agent". At the same time the tax authorities makes financial complaints on "Golos (voice) of the Volga region".

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