Grigory Pasko attacked in Barnaul


On September 27 journalist Grigory Pasko was attacked in Barnaul by two unknown men, who shouted at him, "Get out of our town." We only know that the day before the attacks Gregory was being followed, the police checked the passports of all the participants of the seminar the journalist had come to visit. He was then sent for a medical examination.

Daniel Galperovich, a journalist from the Voice of America, wrote on his Facebook page that he had spoken to Pasko on the phone, and confirmed that the journalist had not received any serious injuries. Pasko told him that the attackers were shouting: "Get out of our town!"And warned that they would find him.

A day earlier, Pasko published an article from a local newspaper, in which a local activist and nationalist complained about Pasko being a "foreign agent." Pasko wrote that unidentified men followed him, and were wandering around the hotel, where he lived.

The journalist Grigory Pasko was found guilty of treason and espionage in 2001 and was released on parole in 2003.

The court found that working as a military journalist, he wrongfully attended a meeting of staff of the Pacific Fleet, collected and stored secret information about the teachings of the fleet with a view to its transmission to the Japanese media at the request of a Japanese journalist.

Commentary from Alexey Kozlov, the expert of the project:

Unfortunately, attacks on people criticizing the government have become commonplace in Russia. Usage of paints, Brilliant Green and other things is no surprise. Still, the situations when the attackers try to inflict real damage are rare, but there are more and more of them.

A new trend in the intimidation of dissenters are the "warnings" in various forms.

The primary message is "you are not welcome", "you are not wanted here (in a particular region of Russia)." And these warnings come from more or less famous figures. And if the victim of the attack is related to NKO-"foreign agent", it appears in the "warning". Thus, the situation is changed into "it was his own fault", because he could have not gone to the city, where he was "warned".

In the case of the attack on Gregory Pasko, a statement with similar content was made by the Russian Union of Journalists.

It appears that the state delegated "violence against dissenters" to controlled groups and organizations. And after the attack occurs, it is investigated accordingly by the government.

Needless to say, that the organizers of 90% of those to blame and the attacks have not been found.

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