International pickets in support of Ildar Dadin


On February 7 it will be two months since the illegal sentence of Ildar Dadin, who demanded Russian authorities to respect the Constitution. Human rights activist was sentenced to 3 years in prison. This was the first sentence handed down under article 212.1, which goes against fundamental russian law.

We demand the immediate canceling of this article and release of Ildar. We invite different cities and countries to join the action of solidarity. On February 7 at 14:00 we will go outdoors with our common slogan: Free World for ‪#‎FreeDadin‬.

We are free to defend human rights all over the world. Together we can win and prevent the strengthening of the totalitarian regime, which has a detrimental impact not only on Russia.

New dates and places - on Facebook event here.

Actions will be on 7th FEBRUARY

  • Moscow (Russia) - 14:00
  • St-Petersburg (Russia) - Malaya Sadovaya. 14:00 
  • Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) - Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street, 14:00
  • Astrskhan (Russia)
  • Saratov (Russia) - Vavilov-monument
  • Kiev (Ukraine) - 14:00 near Russian embassy (Povitroflotsky street, 27)
  • Washinghton (USA) - Embassy Of The Russian Federation
  • Haifa (Israel) - 14:00 near Russian embassy 
  • London (UK) - 14:00 near Russian embassy
  • Paris (France) 
  • Berlin (Germany) - 14:00 in front of Brandenburg Gate
  • Munhen (Germany) - 14:00 Opernplatz München Max-Joseph-Platz
  • Stockholm (Sweden) - 14:00 Sergels torg
  • New-York (USA) - 14:00 near Russian embassy
  • Toronto (Сanada) - 14:00 near Russian embassy
  • Prague (Czech Republic) - 14:00 Russian Embassy
  • Riga (Latvia) - 14:00 Russian Embassy 


And also 13 FEDRUARY

  • Bonn (Germany) - Generalkonsulat der Russischen Föderation (Waldstrasse 42)

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