Side event "Increasing assault on fundamental rights in Russia"

More than 60 participants of Human Dimension Meeting took part in the side event of Russian and European NGOs. There was presented an overview of the situation with basic human rights like freedom of assembly - reported by Alexey Kozlov (Moscow Helsinki Group and, freedom of associations - reported by Natalia Taubina (Public Verdict Foundation).

Karinna Moskalenko (Centre de la protection internationale, Strasbourg)  talked on the critical situation with the court system. Special attention was had political prisoners (reported by Sergey Davidis, Human Rights center Memorial), prevention of tortures - reported by Oleg Khabibrakhmanov (Committee against tortures) and shrinking of space for civil society - overviewed by Yuriy Dzhibladze  (Center of development of democracy and human rights). As in illustration for the last point was presented the report of Moscow Helsinki Group – “Shrinking of the space for civil society and human rights defenders”. The event finished with number of fruitful questions and statements from the audience.

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