Side events on Freedom of Assembly and Human Rights Defenders in Warsaw

Infromation on side events during Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Warsaw Poland, September 2017

Freedom of peaceful assembly


Time: 08:15-09:45

Venue: Meeting Room 2

Title: Freedom of Peaceful Assembly in Post-Soviet States. Report on Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine

Convenor: Association of Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors on Law-Enforcement (UMDPL); Moscow Helsinki Group; International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) Working language: English, Russian.

Summary: The freedom of peaceful assembly is a cornerstone of democracy. Our analysis provides a comparative review of this right in five post-soviet states: Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine.

Refreshments will be provided


Human Rights defenders in Russia


Time: 18:15-19:45

Venue: Meeting Room 3

Title: Prosecution of human rights defenders in Russia

Working language: English, Russian

Summary: Organizers: Moscow Helsinki Group, Coalition in support of human rights defenders in Russia, SOLIDARUS, ECOSOCIS Foundation.

Presentation of the report on prosecution of human rights defenders in Russia. The report is based on annual monitoring and analysis of situation with violations of basic freedoms and prosecution of human rights defenders in Russia. Also information on the defense of human rights defenders inside and outside Russia will be presented.


Sergey Krivenko (International Memorial)

Macha Chichtchenkova (Frontline Defenders)

Alexey Kozlov (author of the report), (Moscow Helsinki Group / SOLIDARUS)

Refreshments will be provided

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